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October 2021

  • • More Ag Software Success Summit video highlights.
  • • Temple Grandin featured speaker at ASAC Conference.
  • • Why is my default printer changing?
  • •Adding a bank account in FBS.

September 2021

  • •Ag Software Success Summit video highlights.
  • •Finding and backing up FBS data.


  • FBS users are Top Producers of the Year. 
  • •Ag Software Success Summit details.
  • •Windows and FBS navigation and search tools.

JULY 2021

  • Farm Journal to share actionable insights from farm data research at FBS/MASA Ag Software Success Summit.  
  • •Ag Software Success Summit details and deadlines.
  • •FBS Select Company scree video.

JUNE 2021

  • •2021 summer event calendar.
  • •Farm Futures Business Summit MASA video.
  • •FBS Ag Software Success Summit registration.
    •Checking for updates video.

May 2021

  • •In GPS we trust--amazing video.
  • •2021 summer event calendar.
  • •Farm Futures Summit and Boot Camp return to "real" reality.
  • •Check clearing video.

april 2021

  • •2021 summer events calendar.
  • •FBS User wins Top Producer Award.
    •Management and market value trial balances off.
    •How FBS multi-level financial reporting works.

March 2021

  • •Version 11.5:  A "NextGen" International Enterprise.
  • •New dates and location for the Ag Software Success Summit.
  • •2021 trade show calendar.
  • •FBS Users in the news--Conservation Legacy Award.
  • •A/P Report troubleshooting.

February 2021

  • •AgCompass Points to Security and Support.
  • •2021 trade show "survivors."
  • •Redefining the Dollars and Sense of Farm Business Management.
  • •A/P Aging Report.

January 2021

  • •Computers on the Farm Virtual Conference.
  • •Farm Financial Standards Updates Accounting Guidelines. 
  • •2021 trade show updates.
  • •FBS Tips and Tricks.

December 2020

  • •FBS/MASA upgrade options.
  • •2021 trade show updates.
  • •2020 Pork Powerhouses.
  • •2020 Schedule F.

November 2020

  • •FBS/MASA upgrade schedule.
  • •2021 trade show status.
  • •Online training resources.

October 2020

  • •Ag Software Success Summit video links.
  • •Ag Consultants gather virtually.
  • •Where'd my group go?


  • •Ag Software Success Summit format feedback.
  • •What's next?
  • •PORK Magazine Users in the News.
  • •Should I check for updates?


  • •Ag Software Success Summit format feedback.
  • •What's next?
  • •PORK Magazine Users in the News.
  • •Should I check for updates?

JULY 2020

  • •Ag Software Success Summit agenda and Q&A.
  • •Integrated Software podcast.
  • •Farm Credit Services Board Users in the News.
  • •New Center Setup screen.

June 2020

  • Dick Wittman to keynote "hybrid" conference.
    FBS/MASA Ag Software Success Summit Q&A.
    •Check Clearing Options.

May 2020

    • •Vote for Venue or Virtual Conference.
  • •Farm Financial Standard Council holds Amarillo Roundup. 
  • •FBS Users in the News.
  • • Installing Version 11.4.

APRIL 2020

    • V.11.4: A Version With a Vision. 
      Howard Doster--What fun!
  • •Mark your calendars for August when we'll be resuming our annual Ag Software Success Summit. 
  • Where Are My 11.2 Updates?

March 2020

    • • Link to Farm Data Access Webinar.
  • • Commodity Classic returns to San Antonio..
  • •FBS / MASA Users in the news .
  • • Productivity pointers from Sarah.

February 2020

    • Howard Doster--What fun!
  • Cost Accounting from the Cloud at the Commodity Classic.
  • Illinois Pork Producer Family of the Year.
  • Iowa Corn Promotion Board president
  • January 1 Bank Balances.


• Report from the Farm Futures Boot Camp and Summit.
• National Farm Machinery Show registration link.
• Getting Balance Sheet and Schedule F updates.


• Preview of Farm Futures Boot Camp and Summit.
• Trade show calendar.
• FBS/MASA Pork Powerhouses.
• Financed equipment trades.

November 2019

  • • Don't get trapped on the wrong side of the tech wall.
  • • Trade show and seminar calendar.
    • What kind of reports will my accountant need?

October 2019

  • • New software training videos.
  • • An exciting future for your software.
    • Do more with the "To Do" list.

September 2019
Corn-soybean cost of production benchmarks.
• FBS/MASA development plans.
•Valuing returned inputs.

  • August 2019
    • • Convergence of AgTech and FinTech video.
      • MASA Partner Panel video.
      • How do share reports with my accountant?

• Countdown and speaker updates at the Ag Software Success Summit.
• Can cloud-based data management ease ag financing?
• How does FBS solve my support issues?

• Ag Software Success Summit highlights and deadlines.
• Explore the new FBS website.
• Where do I find FBS training videos?

May 2019
  • • Ag Software Success Summit Keynote Speakers.
    • Farm Financial Standards Council Conference comes to North Carolina.
  • • FBS Users in the news.
  • • How often should I check for updates?

April 2019
  • • Farm  Financial Standards Council Conference in July.
    Management Accounting automation case study.
    Closing the month in FBS.

March 2019

  • • Mutual Agricultural Software Alliance formed.
    • Management Accounting automation.

    • Three common support questions.

February 2019

  • • FBS's new logo launches a new era.
    • Management Accounting automation.

    • Missing AP vendor.

January 2019

  • • Farm Financial Standards Council releases updated Financial Guidelines for Agriculture.
    • Highlights from the Farm Financial Standards Annual Conference.

    • FBS Users in the News.
  • • Installing Version 11.3.