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September 2021


Country Road Equinox.
Dear Friend,

This is the time of year on the farm when the days get shorter but the work hours longer.  Stay alert!

In this issue of FarmSmart we're going to share a video sampling from this year's Ag Software Success Summit featuring a selection of our main session speakers.

Here's a preview:

  • The Ag Software Success Summit Video Highlights.
  • Finding and Backing Up FBS Data.  
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Video Highlights from the Ag Software Success Summit

Watch clips from these Summit September 8th General Session speakers:

Farmer Perspective Title
"Trusted advisors play a critical role, but those supporting the digital transition are sparse."

- Drew Slattery, Farm Journal
FFSC Title
"In the last 14 years we've received lots of comments that there are too many ratios or too repetiive so what we've voted on is to reduce the ratios from 21 to 13."

- Todd Doehring, Farm Financial Standards Council
AME Title
"As we start looking at what the opportunity can be, that's where we can start defining our value proposition--about what you're going to produce, what you're going to do, who are your customers, and what is that relative price."

- Heather Broughton, Agri-Food Management Excellence
Conservis Title
"How do we streamline, integrate and really turn data from a chore into a value?"

- Pat Christie, Conservis
Acumence Title
"A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention."

- Herbert Simon, quoted by Jon Hoek, Summit SmartFarms
MASA Title

"Everything revolves around accounting--everyone knows that."

- Joe Dykhuis, Dyhkuis Farms and MASA board member.

Click here to view the Summit "highlight reel."

Be looking for more conference video highlights in next month's FarmSmart, plus all registered Summit  participants will receive links to all presentations. Contact if you'd like to be included.

Q&A: Finding and Backing Up FBS Data

Q.  How do I know where my FBS data is, and how do I back it up?

Sarah 2019

Sarah Dixon, FBS Support Coordinator

A.  I probably get these questions mulitple times a week, and they can cause a lot of stress so please spend a few minutes watching this video.

Data Directory and Saving Data Title YouTube
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