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 August 2020

Dear Friend,

General Session 2020
The 2020 Ag Software Success Summit has "Zoomed" into history.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our great experiment with a 100% "virtual" FBS/MASA Ag Software Success Summit.  The verdict from the attendees:  "It worked!"

Looking ahead in this month's FarmSmart:

  • FBS/MASA Ag Software Success Summit Format Feedback.
  • What's Next?
  • FBS/MASA Users in the News.
  • Should I Check for Updates?

FBS/MASA Ag Software Success Summit Format Feedback

We're still receiving survey responses from our first purely "virtual" Ag Software Success Summit, but we thought we'd share some sample comments:

  • "It worked, (but) missed the face-to-face."

  • "I liked the virtual summit. I appreciate that Norm did not cancel the conference and I thought it was a success."
  •  "It was very good. A lot of information. Being so new in this industry it was kind of overwhelming but very good."

  • "I really liked it. I've wanted to come for many years but it is hard to be away during irrigation season. I would like to come to an in person one to network with the people more."

  • "Overall, I think it was really good. I enjoyed the virtual format more than I thought I would."

  • "Very convenient."

  • "Great."
Conference Format Graph
Not surprisingly, the attendees of this year's online Summit favored a "virtual" format.

What's Next?

  • Over the next few weeks we'll be sending links to recorded videos of all sessions to all registered 2020 Summit attendees.
  • In next month's FarmSmart we'll share a few video highlights with all our subscribers.
  • If you missed the Summit, but would like access to the full videos contact the FBS Sales Department at 800.437.7638.

FBS/MASA Users In the News

Two of our MASA partners were featured in the July/August Farm Journal's PORK Magazine.

PORK Magazine
Read the inspiring cover story of Grace Workman who made the transition from a childhood surrounded by drug addicts to manager of the Ohio State University Swine Farm.  She found her calling to "play with pigs" at Heimerl Farms.

Mike Paustian

In another PORK story, "Congress Must Provide Critical Lifeline to Hog Farmers," Iowa Pork Producer President Mike Paustian explained at an NPPC media briefing the plight of pork producers due to Covid-19 disruptions at pork plants. 

Q&A: Should I Check for Updates?

Q.  Is there something wrong with the way I am getting updates? Is it possible not to update when I select Check for Updates?  Every time I do this there are so many files and it seems to be the exact same ones I downloaded last time.

Sarah 2019

Sarah Dixon, FBS Support Coordinator

A.  You are not doing anything incorrectly  Patches are now controlled by file version numbers.  The Check for Updates program updates any file with an equal or lower file version on your system.  This ensures you are getting the most current version of the FBS files available.

Here's an example:

Check for Updates 1

1. To manually check for updates go to Utilities>Check for Updates.
Check for Updates 2

2. The program will check the FBS "cloud" and display the current and new versions of each module.  In this example the Current Version (on the computer) for TaPrint1.exe and TaPrint2.exe is 11.43552.0 while the New Version (in the cloud) is 11.4.5712.0, therefore these files will be updated. 

3. To prompt a reminder to check for updates enter a value for Check for updates every ____ days in the lower left-hand corner of the Check for Updates screen. (We recommend 7-30 days based on the your internet speed and software workload.)  Note that FBS uses a "pull" approach to updates that you control rather than the unsolicited "push/nag" update notification method employed by many other software companies.

4. Before contacting FBS Support make sure you have downloaded the latest updates.

5. IMPORTANT:  It's essential that you have installed the latest upgrade (Version 11.4 shipped in May and June) in order to download any updates.


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