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FarmSMART                  August 2019
Pat & Chris 2
Pat Christie, Conservis, and Chris Olson, Rabo AgriFinance, launch the Ag Software Success Summit with "The Convergence of FinTech and AgTech."

Dear Friend,

Thanks to all the speakers and participants who made the 2019 Ag Software Success Summit a stellar event.  Even If you weren't able to attend in person you can participate virtually through the video links we're posting in this and future newsletters.

In this month's FarmSmart:

  • AgTech, FinTech and Tech-Savvy Producers Converge at Conference.

  • Sights and Sounds from Day One of the 2019 Ag Software Success Summit.

  • How Do I Share Reports With My Accountant?                                                                                                               SDG

AgTech, FinTech and Tech-Savvy Producers Converge at Conference

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Ag experts, farm owners and accountants from 13 states and provinces met in Moline, Illinois, to catch up on tech trends and sharpen their management and accounting skills at the Ag Software Success Summit, sponsored by FBS Systems, Conservis LattaHarris CPAs, AgCompass and the Mutual Agricultural Software Alliance (MASA).

The keynote address, "The Convergence of AgTech and FinTech from a Global Perspective," set the tone for subsequent plenary and breakout sessions that covered production cost benchmarks, management accounting issues, cyber security, analytical tools and the launch of a comprehensive, second-generation Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform directed and funded by producers.

Comments from this year's conference attendees:

"It's a very good and informative event."

"The Conservis/Rabo segment was top notch."

"Good to rekindle relationships and form new ones."

"It’s worth the time if you are interested in your farming business."

"Very informative to learn about the industry and products even if you are not interested in purchasing the software. I've made new contacts with others that use FBS and can learn how they use it."

"The presentations reinforce the value of management accounting and things to look for."

Sights and Sounds from Day One of the 2019 Ag Software Success Summit
Linked Technology

If you think about it if you’re running all of your business data in one system those things are derivatives of the same thing.
-Pat Christie, Conservis

From "The Convergence of AgTech and FinTech from a Global Perspective" by Pat Christie, Conservis, and Chris Olson, Rabo AgriFinance:

  • McKinsey Global Institute ranked the digitization index for agriculture and hunting at the bottom of the all industries.

  • Of the 6,500 agtech companies, 6,400 are interesting technologies that may never be commercially viable.

  • One that’s kind of interesting are farmer-created systems.  Sometimes they're so specific to that farm's practices they don’t scale to other farms.

  • On the other side are commercially viable technology that doesn’t add much value--invested by Silicon Valley engineers who love science and technology and will show you "how to farm right."

  • One of the hardest things about technology is not necessarily technology but, "How do you properly bring it to the farm?"

  • As you look at where you are and where you’re going this is what you want:  one place where all the different data systems can touch, can be organized, can be synthesized and can at some point at a very simple view take your crop or animal production system, give it an economic value and an accountant-prepared statement that comes out the back side.

  • Production technology, business system, accounting system; those things have to come together at the very fundamental level of the farm.

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Watch Convergence video.

MASA Panel

From MASA Partner Panel members John McNutt, Brian Watkins, Bernard Peterson, Blake Hollis and Randy Gangwish:

  • MASA is a closely held limited liability company that is set up to own and continuously develop a production agricultural oriented enterprise resource planning system (Ag ERP) which will link financial, production and other important information into a common database that will support the accounting and management needs of farms and ranches.

  • You cannot have an ERP if it doesn’t start with your accounting system. That’s, of course, where everything ties out.
  • FBS has the strongest general ledger in agriculture with rock-solid functionality.

  • FBS has essentially been an ERP for the past 20-30 years.
  • FBS software is baked into how we do things.  It’s so tightly integrated into how our operation ticks that it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around how it would look like if the world didn’t have FBS.  

  • The power of what’s in FBS is fantastic; we need to make sure we can preserve all that to tee it up for a broader marketplace and perform in the new world of cloud computing.

  • This is just an effort to modernize what has already been working so well for all of our operations.

  • The most powerful facets of MASA are its independence and cooperative approach.  We control the data.

MASA Thumbnail

Watch MASA video.

Summit highlights coming next month: 

  • Corn/Soybean Cost of Production Benchmarks.
  • FBS/MASA Software Preview.
  • Those who choose to cruise.


Q&A: How Do I Share Reports With My Accountant?

Q.  What's easiest way to share or send reports to my accountant?

A.  With FBS you have three options for sharing reports:

Sarah 2019
  Sarah Dixon, FBS Support Coordinator

1. Send your reports to a PDF file.  When viewing a report click the Report Setup button, then select Microsoft Print to PDF instead of your usual printer (see panel below).

Print to PDF

You will be prompted to name and save a PDF file version of your report.  (Note the location where you save the report!)  You can also select a PDF printer under File>Printer Setup.

2.  A second option for sharing reports is to copy them to an Excel spreadsheet.  While viewing a report press the F11 key.  A message will appear saying it has been sent to the clipboard.  Open a blank Excel spreadsheet and select Paste.

Or you can click the Export on the bottom of the report, choose Excel version 5 for the type, select a destination and name the file (the default is "Export") and click Export and it will save the report in an Excel 5.0 format. 

Export to Excel

Attach either the PDF or Excel files to an email to your accountant.

3. The third option is to give yout accountant logon access to your data through AgCompass or GoToMyPC





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