Below you will find short video demonstrations on how to input, reports, etc. in FBS.  For more videos go to Recorded Webinars and User Conference Presentations.

17 acct setup

Accounting General Setup is where you would turn on auto check or deposit numbering, assign ledger accounts to the A/P and A/R modules and setup auto PO numbering or invoice numbering for A/P and A/R.

18 cost profit

Setting up your Cost/Profit Centers.

15 check screen

The basics of writing a check.

16 clear check

Clearing checks using the clear checks and deposit screen.

17 acct setup

The basic check register or a reconciliation report depending on if you run by date on check or run by date cleared.

19 help

How to use the built in FBS Help file to best find the topic you need when you need it!

28 vendor list

Vendor Setup:

A review on how to add vendors to your vendor list.

32 ledger account type

How to setup your ledger accounts/chart of accounts.