Crop Audit Plus

Complete crop management system improves profitability through better planning, production, and marketing. Complete inventory control , production records and analysis. Quick and easy data entry and editing. Built-in report generator. Integrates with TransAction Plus.
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MaCH 2.0 Precision Farming Interface

Convert precision field data to precision financial records. Imports field application and harvest data from a wide range of mapping and precision farming technologies into FBS financial records.  MACH 2.0 saves time by avoiding double-entering data and produces comprehensive field histories, input and crop inventories, landlord settlements and managerial accounting through FBS's integrated farm management suite.

Supported formats include Ag Leader, AgConnections, Apex, Conservis, Digi-Star, Granular, LandDB, Trimble and Vertical Software.
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Mobile Data Entry

Record production activity right in the field through the Conservis app--then sync back to your FBS financial and inventory records.

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Grain Ticket Interfaces

Imports grain tickets from electronic scales and Excel spreadsheets.

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