We are using the FBS business software and have it integrated into our production records. We stream most information—feeding, billing, weights and slaughter data—into it electronically giving us a good database that flows out to many, many reports and spreadsheets. This gives us analysis to predict market weights, marketings, cash flow and potential feed use for hedging. We link a lot of data together so we can make good decisions and planning. It also helps with financing.

Bob Dykhuis, Dykhuis Farms, Holland, Michigan
Past National Pork Producers Council Board Member
16,000 sow farrow-finish   

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What it comes down to for us is that we’re a family operation. We all have a thousand things we’re doing every day. We need to maximize the use of our time. 

Having our production records and our accounting all integrated together allows us to spend more time to doing things and less time fiddling around doing busy work. We’re able to do what we need to do and still have the data we need to make production decisions.

Mike Paustian, Ph.D.
Paustian Enterprises, Walcott, Iowa

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Tommy Young.jpg

FBS software to me was the best for my operation.  I operate 11 entities with 11 different checking accounts.  This software enables me to be able to manage those with one system.  It has been perfect.  I will tell you that it’s met all my expectations.  It’s done a fabulous job being an offsite, “on the cloud” type of system.  My CPA spends about two days a month in my office and the rest of her work is done from her firm via the cloud.  We’re using checks being printed to a MICR printer that enables her to transmit checks weekly for me.  Our future hope is that the system will allow us to do all of our accounting down to the field level so in the future we’ll know the profitability of all of every field.

So if you’re a farmer or any type of organization that needs a great accounting system I highly recommend that you use FBS software.

Tommy Young
Generation Three Partnership, Tuckerman, Arkansas

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Scott Phillips.jpg

The most important number I need to know is the cost of feed for a pig.  Because FBS integrates with my financials when I pay the bills I absolutely know my feed costs are exact.

Scott Phillips
Phillips Family Farms Drexel, Missouri

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Richard Seck.jpg

In a nutshell it’s got the best report generator of any system I’ve ever seen.

Ricard Seck
Hutchinson, Kansas

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I initially got started with the CFS/AFRA module. This was very beneficial for me because I had been using the AFRA program longhand. Later we got involved with TransAction Plus and Crop Audit. I appreciate the depth of the information you can get from the program. It’s very detailed and open to allowing you to set it up however you want. There’s a lot of expandability to it and can be very specific to my operation. Afterwards we go involved with the E.CLIPSE module to dovetail the management accounting principles from the Farm Financial Standards Council, and that has worked very well in my operation.

Ron Swanson, Swanson Farms, Galt, Iowa
Past president of the Farm Financial Standards Council

It's amazing how FBS affects all areas of our farm operation. Once we made the decision to go ahead with management accounting we had to overhaul our office setup as well as workflow habits to take advantage of the accounting/bookkeeping side of the program; we actually reorganized and updated the office to meet filing and paper handling needs. Out in the field we do a much better job of tracking, taking care to track all support people and equipment as well as the implements in the field so all costs associated with a field action are captured. Inventory is still a challenge but we are confident as we move forward that in a cropping year we will get to the point where it will stop being a static cost and become more dynamic information such as seen in (WIP) work in process reports. Also the level of professionalism we have encountered and the people and organizations we have been exposed to since starting MA has given us a whole new understanding as to what it means to be an owner/manager of a farm operation in production agriculture today.
In a word it has taken us from a "reactive" posture to a "proactive" posture.

Kerry Knuth, Mead, Nebraska
TEPAP (The Executive Program for Agricultural Producers) Graduate

Andrea web

I have been using FBS for over 20 years for a variety of circumstances as an accountant serving clients and also on the farm.  I find that FBS is a great tool for us on the farm.  It has a lot of flexibility and meets all the needs we have for crop reporting, financial reporting and management.

Andrea Butterbaugh, former controller
Bryant Agricultural Enterprises, Washington Court House, Ohio

Watch a video of Andrea on YouTube.