FBS User Conference Highlights, FBS Users Featured In CIH Video, October "One O'clock Webinars", Q&A: Can I Customize My Check Stubs?
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FarmSMART                                              September 2012 

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FBS User Conference Highlights

FBS Users Featured In CIH Video
October "One O'clock Webinars" 
Q&A: Can I Customize My Check Stubs?


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Greetings!    Harvest 2012  

Harvest has arrived to our corner of the world.  It could be better, but it also could be much worse. 

"Woulda, coulda, shoulda"--that's the perpetual second-guessing game with ag production and marketing especially with the "unfairly distributed" yields and extreme price variations this season. 

However, if you've based your risk management plan on accurate, internal historical and projected costs and margins then you'll be well on the way to running your farm as a sustainable business, rather than gambling that you'll "hit the jackpot" with extraordinary yields and/or prices.

  • Risk management was just one of the topics at the 2012 FBS User Conference last month.  See and read some of the highlights in the article below as well as view presentations on our website.
  • Hear how Dykhuis Farms manages risks by managing margins through Commodity and Ingredient Hedging (CIH).
  • Our free weekly webinar covers a number of practical tips and processes in October.
  • The Q&A of the Month answers questions regarding check and check stub formatting.  
  • Is your farm management system stuck in a rut?  Take theManagement Proficiency Test at the Farm Management Software Blog. 


FBS User Conference Highlights  
UC12 Celebration Belle
Launching the networking/dinner cruise.

"Awesome.  Great growth.  Very interactive." 

"This was a very informative seminar.  Being my first time attending I was pleased that the content offered was more detailed and covered a larger range of topics than I expected, which was great!" 

"The User Conference is a great place to exchange ideas and receive new ideas and information that can be implemented on the farm."   

User Conference participants.

 Our thanks to all the presenters and participants that made the 2012 FBS User Conference a memorable event with a record attendance.  

Here are some photos from the conference along with comments by participants. 

UC12 Introductions
New User/Experienced User Forum.

 "I enjoyed knowing where everyone was coming from (new user/old user, operation type, etc.)"

UC12 David Ward & Moe Russell
David Ward, CIH , and Moe Russell, Russell Consulting Group.

 "Mr. Russell's presentation was an eye opener!  I really enjoyed his insight into upcoming challenges we may be facing.  His comments generated thought on future strategies that need to take place to prepare and succeed in upcoming years' market environment.  I really enjoyed this session." 

"Moe Russell is very interesting to listen to--he has a lot of very good knowledge." 

UC12 Demoing Conservis
Jack Makowski, Conservis, demos field data collection.

"What a great idea!  I really enjoyed learning about this innovative product and how it will be used to create greater accuracy and generate a clean chain of information!  I would bet that in coming years we'll hear much more from this company!" 

"Seems to be a great product--great to see them so willing to be flexible and willing to integrate." 

UC12 Andrea Butterbaugh--Bryant Ag
Andrea Butterbaugh, Bryant Ag, "complex operation case study."

"What a great presentation.  It really generated thought on how our operation could benefit from some of the strategies used." 

"Great to hear what others are doing--I recommend always sharing a case study." 

"Very good illustration of how/why operations get complex and what challenges are created." 

Click here to view a short video of Andrea describing her background and FBS experiences. 

UC12 Meal on the Belle
Relaxing on board the Mississippi dinner cruise.

The 2012 FBS User Conference is history, but you can view these presentations and more on the FBS Website and follow these recommendations to prepare for UC 2013: 

"If you want to learn more about using information as insight to run your business...you should go!" 

"It's a very informative seminar and a great way to familiarize yourself with some of the ways FBS will aid your ability to make an informed production decision."

"You'll be able to find something to take away and apply immediately."

FBS Users Featured In CIH Video 
Bob & Joe Dykhuis CIH Video
Bob and Joe Dykhuis explain how they manage margins in the volatile pork production business.
Michigan pork producers Bob and Joe Dykhuis discuss their corporate mission statement, how Commodity and Ingredient Hedging (CIH) helps them fulfill it and their previous marketing experiences inthis short video on the CIH website.  Bob alludes to their FBS E.CLIPSE managerial accounting system that provides them cash flow needs and costs to feed into the web-based CIH margin management model. 
Joe, who serves as Dykhuis Farm's controller, was the keynote speaker at the 2011 FBS User Conference (click here to view a video of his presentation).
David Ward, Senior Risk Manager at CIH, was a speaker at the 2012 FBS User Conference.
October "One O'clock Webinars"
Webinar Screen

 We've moved our free Monday webinars to 1:00 pm Central Time. 

Modifying check setup, October 1.
How to back up and restore data, October 8. 
Tracking down entries in FBS, October 15.
How to print to multiple network printers, October 22.
Paperless reporting and exporting, October 29.
All webinars run between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm CST.  To register, e-mail support@fbssystems.com by 12:00 pm CST on the day of the webinar.
Q&A of the Month--Can I Customize My Check Stubs?
Sarah Dixon
Sarah Dixon, FBS Technical Services Manager.

Q.  I want to change some of the information that's printed on my checks and stubs.  Is that something I can do myself? 

A.  Yes it is.  TransAction Plus includes a very versatile forms editor that allows you move existing data fields around on the page plus incorporate a nearly unlimited combination of items on the check and stubs.  
To get there, go to Setup | Accounting | Setup Forms and select Checks.
You'll then see a screen similar to this: 
Edit check form screen 
The FBS Help file explains the standard features of this screen, but if you need help setting up one of the special user-defined lines give FBS Support a call at 800-437-7638/Extension 100.
Also note I'll be conducting a free webinar on editing check layouts on Monday, October 1.  (See webinar schedule and login instructions above.)

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