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 FarmSMART                                              November 2010 

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Friendly Farm Computer V1N1
Volume 1 Number 1 1981 

Welcome to the new format forAmerica's longest-running ag computing newsletter (started in 1981, converted to e-format in 2001).  We're indeed thankful for our subscribers and clients as we attempt to express our appreciation by continuously improving the relevancy of our message and effectiveness of our software.  SDG

New Website "Clears Launch Pad"
FBS Systems Home Page Over the past six months we've been counting down to the launch of the new FBS website.  With the assistance of the crew at2Point Solutions the site is finally open for touring and tire-kicking.  The totally-new content includes:

To start your tour, click on the image above.

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Q&A of the Month--Year End Checklist

Q.  Its nearing the end of the year, and I know I've added some ledger accounts and centers and some costs have changed. What do I need to double-check in FBS to make sure I am pulling everything across correctly?  Do you have a checklist?


A.  You'll need to check and update a couple of definitions and bridges to ensure you are accounting for all expenses.  Anything that pulls from a range of ledger accounts will need to be checked: Schedule F, 1099s, Cost Analysis definitions and Smart Feeder User-Defined Report definitions. 


If you use Inventory Valuation (E.CLIPSE) you will have to check your bridge setup to make sure that your Expense lines are set to the correct ranges and WIP and Marketing centers have been assigned to new Production centers.  Check your Overhead Allocation Table for any new centers and run the Standard Cost/Vendor Monitor Report by quarter to determine if Cost Drivers need to be adjusted.



  • Schedule F
  • 1099s
  • Cost Analysis
  • User Defined
  • Inventory Valuation Bridge
  • Overhead Allocation
  • Balance Sheet definition
  • Income Statement definition

Also, it's a good idea to not wait until the end of the year to perform this checklist because by that time you may have forgotten what you added.  It's a much safer practice to do this whenever add new ledger accounts or centers!

December Webinar ScheduleWebinar Screen
Start your work week off with instant and freetraining delivered right to your computer screen. Our Monday morning webinars run from 10:00 am-11:00 am CST.

LifeCycle Budgeting
, December 6th.
Preparing your accounting records for year end, December 13th.
Accounting for hedging transactions, December 20nd.

To register, e-mail by 9:00 am CST on the day of the webinar.
FBS Users in the News

Read about using Commodity and Ingredient Hedging's (CIH) system for Hedging Hog Margins in the the December 2010 edition ofSuccessful Farming with FBS users Rob Brenneman and Norm Brown.  FBS has adapted the Contract and Smart Feeder Planning modules to match the CIH format.  Click here for the online story. 

To discuss the challenges and techniques for managing margins visit our blog.

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