Jeanne Bernick and Willie Vogt join User Conference program, Farm Futures on virtual controller,June webinars, finding scanned document.
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 FarmSMART                                                        May 2017 

In this Issue:

Bernick and Vogt at User Conference

Farm Futures on DIY Accounting

FBS User in NPPC Hall ofFame

Event Calendar

June Free Webinars

Q&A:  Finding Scanned Document 

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Dear Friend,

Across the horizon fields are turning green from emerging crops (and weeds!).  By the end of May most corn growers have already sunk $6-800 per acre into a fragile, nascent crop with the hope that it will grow into a "bin buster."  Contrast that strategy with a typical manufacturer that predetermines the exact quantity of each product to be produced, knows the precise cost of each product and may even have pre-sold the products before they are even produced.

That's the mindset we'll explore at this year's "Windows of Opportunity" FBS User Conference (see story below). 

Also in this month's FarmSmart:

  • Bernick and Vogt to speak at the FBS User Conference.
  • Farm Futures on accounting outsourcing.
  • FBS User named to NPPC Hall of Fame.
  • Event calendar.
  • June free webinars.
  • Link to recorded webinars.
  • Scanned document viewing options.                                                                                                                                                                                                          SDG


User Conference Guest Speakers Announced

User Conference 2017 Logo.jpg
Vogt cropped.jpg
Jeanne Bernick Willie Vogt


Participants at the 2017 FBS User Conference will meet, learn from and interact with two of agriculture's knowledge leaders.

Jeanne Bernick is a consultant with accounting and consulting firm K-Coe Isom matching the needs of large commercial producers with K·Coe’s talent and tools, facilitating healthy, growing farm operations that are sustainable for generations to come. She offers a depth of industry insights and works alongside producers to zero-in on solutions to keep ag operations thriving.

Over her distinguished career, Jeanne became one of the top editors in ag media. An editor and award-winning writer, she grew Top Producer magazine into the leading industry brand, creating authoritative coverage on key aspects of agriculture and launching national events to connect farmers with their peer groups.

Willie Vogt has been covering agriculture for more than 34 years from his early days at a weekly farm paper to his current position at Penton Farm Progress Group where he oversees an editorial business that includes 24 magazines (including Farm Futures and Farm Industry News) and more than 29 websites where he covers the "hardware and software" of agriculture. 

Join Jeanne, Willie, Moe Russell, John McNutt and your fellow managers and consultants for the premier farm management computer event of the year on Tuesday, August 22 through Wednesday, August 23 at the Stoney Creek Inn, Moline, Illinois.

Click here to go to the conference website.  Register early for special savings.

Farm Futures' Alternative to "DIY Accounting"

Frank and Mike.jpg
Photo and headline from the May 2017 Farm Futures Magazine.

You likely outsource professional services such as tax preparation and legal advice that you use once or twice a year.  Why not a service you can benefit from daily:  management accounting through a "virtual controller?"  That's the advice from FBS user Frank Hopkins and FBS Director of Professional Services Mike Boggs in the May 2017 issue of Farm Futures magazine.  Learn how Frank's operation benefits from Mike's expertise in transitioning from "do it yourself" cash accounting to accrual management accounting by clicking on this link

Also plan on joining us at the FBS User Conference where Mike will share virtual controller success stories and discuss how how these services can be adapted to the needs and experiences of the farm. 

FBS User Inducted in NPPC Hall of Fame

Congratulations, Barb Determan, Early, Iowa, on being honored as the newest member of the National Pork Producers Council Hall of Fame.  Barb served as NPPC president and de facto CEO during the 2001-2002 split with the National Pork Board.  She currently is president, owner and strategist of Heartland Marketing Group and is married to Steve Determan. 

Event Calendar

Please join us for the last national trade show of the season:

Date Event Location Booth#
June 7-9
World Pork Expo.jpg
Des Moines, IA V134
July 26-28 FFSC_Logo.jpg Syracuse, NY  


June FreVersion 11 Computer.jpge Webinars
June  5:  ACH Module.  (1 pm)
June 12:  Importing Data.  (10 am)
June 19:  Creating Beginning Balances/Calculating Retained Earnings. (10 am)
June 26:  Scanner Interface.  (1 pm)
All webinars run between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm CDT except where noted.  

To register, e-mail by 12:00 pm CDT on the day of the webinar.
NEW:  Catch up on the webinars you've missed by watching them on the Webinar page of our website.

Q&A of the Month:  Scanned Document Viewing
Sarah Dixon, FBS Sales and Support Coordinator

Q.  I’m having a few issues with my FBS Scanner Interface.  First, when I try to view my scanned images that I have attached to TransAction Plus entries or even try to view unlinked documents, FBS doesn't pull up the scanned image; it’s just a grey screen.  Second when I try to scan in a multipage document it only saves the last page.  Third, I would like to be able to view the scanned document attached to an entry without having to open the entry in the edit screen and clicking "View Linked Document" button.

A.  The first issue you are having could be that you do not have the correct PDF viewer installed on your computer.  FBS requires Adobe Reader to be installed and set as the default PDF viewer.  You can have other PDF programs installed, but Adobe must be set as the default.  Every OS has a little different process for setting default programs so you might need to do a search on how to set your default programs.  

Regarding the second issue, as FBS scans the multipage documents it only previews the last page scanned.  As long as the progress box that appears shows all pages being scanned you are OK.  If you go back and view the actual document you will see that all pages are there.

Third, we do have a way to more easily access linked documents.  If you run a TransAction Plus User Defined Report there is a column to the far right that titled “Scanned.”  A Yes in that column that indicates that there is a scanned document attached to that entry.  If you right-click on that word "Yes" it will retrieve the scanned image (without loading the FBS entry).  I find it helpful to drag the Scanned column to the left so that I can see that column along with the Date, Vendor, Description and Dollar Amount.  You can even "memorize" that column configuration by saving the report as a "Macro."

User Defined Scanner link.jpg

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