What's MASA?

 How the Mutual Agricultural Software Alliance is transforming farm accounting:

MASA's Purpose:

The Mutual Agricultural Software Alliance (MASA) provides a continuously improving agricultural-oriented accounting and financial hub which will link data and applications into a common database that will support the business intelligence and management needs of farms and ranches. 

MASA's Vision:

  • • MASA is owned and controlled by its users.

    • MASA is built upon four decades of use and a proven foundation of integrated agriculture software.

    • MASA works with allied organizations to develop applications that will integrate with the MASA database.

    MASA’s unique vision is focused on 
    three core strengths:

  • 1.  Empowered Producers

    MASA is is majority-owned and controlled by production agricultural firms. These producer owners are leaders and innovators in their respective industries and are influencing best industry practices. MASA members represent diverse crop, livestock and accounting and technical services from 13 states.

    MASA members

    2.  Proven Platform:

    MASA’s farm financial hub is built on the foundation of 40 years of experience and business logic integrating ag production and accounting data. MASA is transforming the FBS Systems’ integrated desktop platform into a world-class, secure, cloud database with the flexibility and performance that is ready to run in any scale of agricultural production enterprise.

    3.  Prominent Partners:

    Today’s farm manager must choose from among a rapidly expanding swarm of specialized apps and farm management systems, as well as opportunities for information sharing with vendors and lenders. The critical missing link is a source of real-time, detailed, and reconciled accounting data. MASA is
    committed to providing its members and their allied partners with tools like APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to exchange information through the world’s only farm financial hub.

    MASA Farm Financial Hub

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