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March 2018

Dear Friend,

Winter 2018 Trade Shows.jpg

Here's a sampling of the great FBS clients and friends we met in trade shows in Des Moines, Louisville and Anaheim this winter.  Thanks for dropping by!

 Also in this month's FarmSmart:

  • Save These Dates (For the Annual Conference).
  • Farm Software Success Through Integration.
  • Budget Beware:  Managing Overhead.
  • Mobile Data Entry Through Google Forms.
  • Choosing Columns to Print.                                                                                                                                       SDG

Save These Dates

MA Workshop.jpg

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Moline, Illinois.
New format. New ideas.
New people.
Details next month.






Farm Software Success Generic.jpg

This month we continue a new series on the most important factors that contribute to successful farm software implementation and results.

Reason #3: Connect and Collaborate Via Cloud Control. Cloud Control.jpg
 Our secure, multi-user cloud connection option allows your production and financial teams to collaborate through your own private integrated database.
  • Multiuser means that data recorders and reporters will all be working with the “same version of the truth.”
  • Establish password control on who can view, add or change accounting and/or production data.
  • Provide selected production employees accurate cost, revenue and margin awareness.
  • Provide real-time inventories to accounting staff.
  • Grant permission to selected trusted advisers to review your data.
  • No network or IT structure to set up and maintain.
  • Authorized users can access from anywhere.
For more information on implementing "Cloud Control" in your business contact AgCompass, or call 800.437.7638.  Watch our Success Through FBS Video.

FBS Users Join Hall of Fame and Go "Hog Wild"

Congratulations, to Illinois pork leader Jill Appell for being inducted into the National Pork Producers Council Hall of Fame.

Kudos as well to Iowa pork producer Mike Ver Steeg for receiving the Hog Wild Award which recognizes him as being the top male pork promoter in the state.   Mike serves on the Iowa Pork Producer Association Public Policy Committee. 

Other FBS user in leadership roles in the IPPA include Mike Paustian, Vice President of Producer Services and Dwight Mogler, District 1 Director.

know_before_you_grow.jpgBudget Beware:
Managing Overhead Costs

Farm Journal Top Producer columnist Chris Barron continues his timely series on budgeting in the February 2018 issue with overhead costs.

Return to management
is an expense category that captures all overhead expenses for your operation not otherwise identified as expenses.  Here's how to get a handle on it:
1. Have a plan. Categorize and prioritize each expense, assign a cost and calculate per acre, per bushel and percent of total costs.
2. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Budgets are moving targets and should be updated regularly and eventually used to manage overhead costs and purchasing decisions.
3. Stick with it and stay disciplined.  By measuring and monitoring overhead expenses, you’ll likely be motivated to set goals for improvement and cost reduction.

Editor's note:  The LifeCycle Budget database builds from prior years, models scenarios and monitors with actual accounting performance.  Email or call 800.437.7638.


Google Forms.jpg

Free Google Forms Webinar

Are you interested in using your phone or mobile device to input accounting or production data into FBS?   Then schedule a webinar with Sarah Dixon to learn how to use the free Google Forms app to transfer data into FBS TransAction Plus, Crop Audit and Smart Feeder

She'll show you how to synchronize field, group and product pick lists and transfer data from the Google cloud into FBS using the TA+ Import or MACH 2.0 modules.  To schedule your webinar email or call 800.437.7638 extension 100.

Catch up on other webinars you've missed by watching them on the Webinar page of our website.


Q&A: Choosing Columns to Print

Sarah Dixon, FBS Sales and Support Coordinator

Q.  How do I get the report columns I want to print?

A.  There are several options to adjust which columns are included in your reports:

1. Click and drag the columns you want to print to the left.

Columns 1.jpg

In this first image everything in black will print; anything in blue will not. 

Columns 2.jpg

In this second image the Amount column has been drug to the left and is now in black and printable.

Colums 3.jpg

2. Another option to expand the columns in your report is to change the print orientation from portrait to landscape.

Columns 4.jpg

3. If you still are not getting everything to print that you want click on Range, then check the box to calculate font size. This will allow the font size to be adjusted to fit all of the columns you want on the print out. Then you select “set last column to print” and then click on the actual last column you want to print.

Columns 5.jpg

In this image I have clicked in Division Description. Now it is in black and in the printable area.

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