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 June 2020

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2020 Ag Software Success Summit
Make new connections at the Ag Software Success Summit.

The annual FBS/MASA Ag Software Success Summit has always been about making connections--with world-class experts, FBS staff, and most importantly, with peers from across North America.  We realize that not everyone will be able to travel and meet face-to-face this summer so we are re-engineering the conference to a "hybrid" format that allows greater participation by speakers as well as participants.  See the articles below.

Looking ahead in this month's FarmSmart:

  • Dick Wittman to keynote "hybrid" conference.
  • FBS/MASA Ag Software Success Summit Q&A.
  • Amarillo hosts Farm Financial Standards Council roundup.
  • Check clearing options.



“Next Steps in Implementing Management Accounting--Separating the Survivors from the Wannabes"

Dick Wittman
Dick Wittman, MS

Dick Wittman Returns to Keynote "Hybrid" Ag Software Success Summit

Most producers don't have an accurate handle on their true cost of production...and that can be deadly for your business.  Overestimate your costs and you'll miss out on profitable marketing opportunities.  Underestimate your costs and you'll be soon be out of business.

If you missed Dick Wittman's Management Accounting Workshop at the 2018 FBS Ag Software Success Summit don't pass up this opportunity to catch the highlights through this  abbreviated version.  Even if you did attend the workshop or are well along on your management accounting journey you'll want to apply best practices and test your solutions to issues such as:

  • Cost reducers
  • Allocating indirect costs
  • Innovative cost-saving strategies

Following Wittman's workshop FBS/MASA users will share case studies on how they are measuring and managing costs followed by the release of the annual LattaHarris cost of production benchmarks.

Dick in ABC project
Watch Wittman discuss Activity-Based Costing at the 2018 FBS Ag Software Success Summit.

Plus, relax and network with "social distance" to spare on an evening Mississippi River cruise Celebration Belle, then return the next day for in-depth software training.

FBS/MASA 2020 Agricultural Software Success Summit Q&A

Q:  Where/when will this conference be held?
A:   At the Stoney Creek Inn in Moline, Illinois on these dates:

  • Monday, August 24th--MASA members and guests only.
  • Tuesday, August 25th--General Session and Mississippi dinner cruise.
  • Wednesday, August 26th--Breakout Sessions.

Q:  Will you offer streaming service?
A:  Yes, we will provide live streaming as well as recordings to all  registrants.

Q:  What safety precautions have been implemented?

A:  Both the Stoney Creek Inn and the Celebration River Cruise will enforce CDC social distancing and sanitation guidelines.  We will require the wearing of face masks for indoor activities except for dining.  

Flag Ship 5
Clear sailing on the Celebration Belle dinner cruise.

Q:  Must I be current FBS user or MASA member to participate?

A:  No; in fact we welcome diversity and synergy from a broad cross section of ag technology users as we focus on universal and timely farm management topics.

Q:  Will the speakers be "live" or remote?

A:   Our goal is to assemble the best experts in an interactive, cost-effective format.  Dick Wittman will be presenting remotely from his ranch in Idaho, and we look forward to virtually "visiting" the farms of FBS/MASA users as well as face-to-face networking.

Q:  What are the registration deadlines?

A:  The "early bird" savings deadline is July 31.  Because social distancing will reduce our capacity we expect onsite registration to fill up earlier than usual so don't procrastinate. 

Q:  How do I register?

A:  Click here to register online or call .437.7638.


Amarillo Hosts FFSC Roundup

Make plans to join the Farm Financial Standards Council July 29-31 in Amarillo, Texas, for our 2020 annual conference! It’s your chance to catch up with what’s happening in the ag finance industry, network with your peers, and learn a lot about agribusiness and the role of financial management in beef country – the Texas Panhandle.

Click here for details or to register.

Q&A: Check Clearing Options

Clear checks 1

Q.  What does the Clear Check box at the top of the Input screen do, and what does Clear with Yes or No mean on the Clear Check/Deposit screen?

Clear Checks 2

Sarah 2019

Sarah Dixon, FBS Support Coordinator

A.  There are three options in FBS for clearing checks and deposits:

  1. Activate one of three Preferences (A/P Entry is Cleared, A/R Entry is Cleared, TA+ Entry is Cleared). The default setting is "No;" so to activate this function go to Utilities>Set Preferences and enter a "Y" or "Yes." However, while this eliminates the step of clearing checks and deposits it also makes bank reconciliation very difficult.

  2. Clear with Yes or No.  Checks and deposits will be marked as cleared on the posted date  of the check or deposit rather than the exact date cleared through the bank.  For example, checks 145 and 146 will be marked as cleared on 5/29/20, the same date they were posted.

    Clear Checks 3

    Clearing with Yes or No is simplifies the check clearing process, but it has a downside:  you can only reconcile a bank account for the latest period and can't go back to check prior months.
  3. If you don’t check Clear with Yes or No you'll be able to enter the actual cleared date or the date of the bank statement.

    ClearChecks 4

    The advantage of this option is that you can balance to your bank statement for any time period.  The disadvantage is that it requires specifying the exact cleared date for each transaction or the date of the bank statement.

    Tip:  Use the <F3> shortcut key to replicate dates.


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