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January 2018


Mike CEO small.jpg
Mike Boggs in his "Corvette Corner"

Boggs to Head FBS

Michael Boggs assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer of FBS Systems on January 1, 2018.  Mike has served as FBS’s CFO and Director of Professional Services since September, 2014.  Prior to joining FBS Mike worked as auditor, controller, CFO, CEO and financial analyst in the farm cooperative, health care, mechanical contracting and communications industries.

“In his 3 ½ years at FBS Mike has applied his broad accounting experience to help agricultural producers achieve better financial control through management accounting and 'virtual controller' services,” says Norm Brown, FBS President.  “We’re confident that he will bring that same level of professionalism, business experience and agricultural knowledge to lead FBS Systems and agriculture to the next level.”

Mike and his wife Sandi live in Abingdon, Illinois.  His passion, as you can see in the photo, is collecting Corvettes.

  • Winter Conferences and Trade Shows.
  • Farm Software Success Through Integration.
  • Farm Futures Magazine Reports Row Crop Benchmarks. 
  • 24/7 Webinars.
  • Where are the Webinars?


Winter Conferences and Shows

See FBS in action at these national conferences and trade shows.

Date Event Location Booth
Feb. 14-17
Louisville, KY 1009
Feb. 27-March1
Commodity Classic2016.jpg
Anaheim, CA 2925

Farm Software Success Generic.jpg

This month we'll begin a new series on the most important factors that contribute to successful farm software implemenation and results.

Reason #1: Know your true cost of production. Dollar Signs white.jpg

Knowledge of your actual costs is essential for making nearly any management decision—from allocating resources, growth, insourcing, outsourcing and, of course, marketing. While industry benchmarks (see article below) are useful for strategic comparisons they are not your true costs, which are usually buried inside all these “moving parts” within your operation:

  • Crop years that overlap
  • Multiple commodities
  • Farms with divergent productivity and rents
  • Home-raised feed
  • Labor and equipment used for multiple activities
  • Multiple entities or partnerships
  • Cash-basis tax reporting that distorts the picture

How FBS solves the challenges:

  • Choose between four levels of detail for coding accounting transactions
  1. Service center
  2. Support center
  3. Production/marketing center
  4. Animal group/field project
  • Option to record/import production practices and equipment from outside of accounting
  • FBS’s E.CLIPSE Management Accounting intelligently allocates overhead using Activity-Based Costing from those production records
Management Accounting Example.jpg
Real-life example of managment cost accounting.

As a result:

  • You’ll have accurate accrual financial statements as costs move through raw materials, work-in-process and finished goods on your balance sheet.

  • And you’ll more effectively manage and market by farm, crop, field/group and department/activity.

For more Farm Software Success ideas click here.

To learn more about E.CLIPSE Management Accounting or to schedule a web demo call 800.437.7638 or email today.



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Farm Futures Sees (Mostly) Red Row Crop Benchmarks

The December 2017 Farm Futures magazine reports on a study first released at the 2017 FBS User Conference by John McNutt (pictured above) from the LattaHarris CPA and consulting firm.

The LH data, which includes labor, fuel and machine cost, show a higher cost of production than university averages in 2016 for both corn and soybeans.
Click here to read the Farm Futures story online.  A free video of the entire crop benchmarks presentation by McNutt and Russell Consulting Group's Bill Haupts at the FBS User Conference is available by clicking on the screen below:
2017 CCOP Screen.jpg


24/7 WebinarsVersion 11 Computer.jpg

We've switched to 100% recorded webinars so you can learn how to use your FBS Software 24 hours a day. 

Our first webinar is on installing the new Version 11.2.  You can view it from the Notification Window in your FBS Home Screen or by clicking here.

Catch up on the webinars you've missed by watching them on the Webinar page of our website.


Q&A:  Where are the Webinars? 

Sarah Dixon, FBS Sales and Support Coordinator

Q.  I went to the FBS website to view some of the training videos/recorded webinars but they are no longer there.  Is there somewhere else I can find them?

A. Thank you for visiting our website.  Most of the training videos are currently unavailable. We are going through our video archives and making sure they are still relevant.  Some of the videos are from over 4 years ago and some content has changed.  So please be patient and we will add videos back as they are reviewed, edited and re-formatted!

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