FBS Systems has been supporting professional farm managers for over 30 years with specialized software that handles the crucial demands of tracking, accounting and reporting to multiple clients, ownership splits, and operators.  These functions and scores of other features are available in a single integrated M.I.S. called...

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Here's how Farm/Trust Manager Plus can help your firm's effectiveness:

Define complex ownership relationships and fee schedules in the Farm Setup screen.

Farm/Trust Manager automatically sweeps surplus funds to interest-bearing accounts and spreads earned interest between farms and owners.

Maintain detailed records of assets and liabilities synchronized with the general ledger.


Farm/Trust Manager can even keep grain inventories by crop, farm and location, adjusted with each sale.  Always know where you stand!


Client Reporting is flexible and professional.


 Choose from scores of reports and options that give you and your clients the information they need.


The new ManagerView™ database provides managers and support staff instant and comprehensive access to farm leases, demographics, deadlines and accounting status.


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