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 Here's how you'll benefit:

Reason #1: Know your true cost of production.  Dollar Signs white.jpg
  • FBS’s E.CLIPSE Management Accounting intelligently allocates overhead as well as direct costs so you can more effectively manage and by farm, crop, field/group and department/activity.
Reason #2: Save time/create knowledge
through integration.

By combining your productionaccounting, and inventory control into a comprehensive database you’ll simplify and automate data entry while making better-informed and timely decisions.

Reason #3: Connect and collaborate via "cloud control." Cloud Control.jpg

  • Our secure, multiuser cloud connection option allows your production and financial teams to collaborate through your own private integrated database.

Reason #4: Professional accounting expertise.  Accounting Expertise.jpg

  • We back the world’s most powerful ag software with cost-effectiveprofessional ag accounting services ranging from setup and training to a full “virtual controller” 
    assistance through the cloud.

Reason #5:  The proven agricultural solution.  Proven Seal.jpg
  • Our accounting foundation is built on the Farm Financial Standards and recommended and supported by America's leading ag financial consultants, lenders and CPAs. 

Reason #6:  Don't get trapped in canned accounting. Canned Accounting.jpg

Don’t force your unique operation into a general accounting program that just tracks dollars. With FBS you’ll be capturing essential agricultural units (weights, rates, purchase/application quantities) as well as meaningful management segments (fields, locations, groups and ownership splits).

Reason #7 Cover all your financial bases.  Diamond.png

Only FBS offers simultaneous cash, accrual, management and market value financial reporting plus consolidated statements and data entry between companies.


Find out how FBS integrated software provides the "true picture" of your business even as it eases your workload so you can make knowledgeable, timely decisions by watching this video. You'll also learn about eight critical information points on your farm and how to integrate them to reduce waste and achieve better cost control through managerial accounting of every phase of your business.

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