FBS software is a natural fit for accounting and consulting firms supporting agricultural clients.  Here's why:

  • All FBS modules are available over the Internet as Software as a Service (SaaS), permiting you and your clients simultaneous (and restricted, if desired) access to data from anywhere in the world.  (Ideal for multi-family operations.)  That means each member of the team can specialize in their area of expertise with seamless collaboration between data entry and reporting.
  • The integrated, modular design allows clients to focus on routine cash accounting or production records while you add value through accrual entries, management accounting and further analysis.
  • FBS's built-in flexibilty enables you to customize "no-compromize" solutions for your larger clients or easy-to-replicate templates for your basic accounts.
  • All FBS software conforms to ag industry standards, including the Farm Financial Standards Council.
  • Licensing is both economical and flexible.  You can start with one client or one hundred, and if you choose hosting by AgCompass, there's virtually no overhead!

For more information, contact theFBS Sales Department