What's New in Version 8.11/10.0, computer benchmarks, balance sheet by division, Kentucky grower monitors farm with iPad
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 FarmSMART                                                      March 2011 

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What's New in Version 8.11/10.0
Computer Benchmarks
New Website
Balance Sheet by Division
Webinar Schedule
Grower Monitors Farm With iPad


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The future of FBS Software?


Where do we find the exciting/ innovative/crazy ideas we share in this newsletter?  We glean them from you, our clients and agriculture's most progressive and innovative managers. 

In this "March Madness" edition we'll "tip off" what both our clients and our programmers have been up to lately.  When and how will we deliver software?  What improvements are we making?  What hardware should you buy?  Thanks for reading!                                                                                                       SDG

 What's New in Versions 8.11/10.0


FBS CD45 RPM Record

Computer CDs are approximately the dimension and shape of the old 45 RPM records.  Back in the days of Elvis,the Beatles and the Beach Boys, kids would "download" their Top 40 favorites by purchasing "45s" at the local record shop. Usually the hit song was on the "A-side," and a "throw-away tune" on the "flip" or "B-side."

When both sides turned into hits, you had yourself a "Double A-sided" record.  The Beatles accomplished this 26 times, and the "King" a record 51 times ("Hound Dog"/"Don't Be Cruel" was the first.)

We bring this up because the new Version 8.11/10.0 CD we're shipping is a "Double A-sided" medium.  It includes one "classic" (8.11) and one "chart climber" (10.0) all for the price of a single version.

Here are a few of the 70 highlights available on both versions:

  • Simplified tab-based input and report menus
  • New DTN Interface with contracts and Smart Feeder Planning
  • More network security options
  • Increased cost/profit centers to 3,000
  •  Accounting Input will display last 99 entries
  • CenterPoint Payroll interface
  • Link to batched scanned document
  • User Defined Report displays user history
  • 1096 transmittal form
  • New A/P-A/R Vendor Detail Report
  • New A/R statement line
  • Expanded contract file and contract history report
  • LifeCycle Budget feed, crop and crop inputs inventories
  • Can reactivate closed groups and projects
  • "Fast close" groups and projects
  • Added location range to Feeding User Defined Report
  • Dashboard includes interfaces with text files, PDFs and creates Flash graphics
What's New in Version 8.11 and 10.0
Click to download the What's New Guide


To download a complete "What's New Guide," click on this pamphlet image on the right. 

You don't have to wait for the CD to arrive if you're running the current Version 8.1 and are using the "Check for Updates" function (under Utilities); your 8.11 upgrade has already been delivered through the Internet.  (Just like music is downloaded these days.)

When you CD does arrive read the instructions carefully to determine which version best matches your objectives and computer system.

Either way, we promise the "hits will keep on coming."

Computer Benchmarks

Thinking about upgrading your hardware?

Here's a handy website for comparing performance between CPU "engines" (there are innumerable options).  You can even compare your current computer's performance against the latest models.  Remember, though, that there are a lot more variables that affect performance in addition to the CPU (network routers, cables, servers and hard drive RPMs and access speeds.)

PassMark Software Website

Click to access

Visited Our New Website Yet?
FBS Systems Home PageThere's a wealth of timely information waiting your inspection at our new website. Check them out now by clicking on the image or any of the links below.

To start your tour, click on the image above. 

Leave comments or suggestions regarding our website.

Q&A of the Month--Balance Sheet by Division?
Q.  If I run my balance sheet by division will it properly display my outstanding A/P and A/R  liability and asset division balances?

A.  When you record an accounts payable or accounts receivable invoice you can assign each line to a division.  If all the expense or income account lines of the invoice are coded to the same division then the offsetting liability or asset accounts will also be coded to that same division.  But if you have a multi-line invoice and more than one division is used, the entire asset or liability balance will be coded to division assigned on the first line of the invoice.  Therefore, if you need a true balance sheet by division, never inter-mingle divisions within an A/P or A/R invoice 

Sarah Dixon, FBS Tech Services Manager
Sarah Dixon, FBS Technical Services Manager



Now that most of you have finished filing your taxes for 2010 it's a good time to go ahead and re-create those beginning balances for 2011. This will ensure that any editing you did in 2010 is properly reflected in the current year.  To re-create the beginning balances, log into 2011 and go to Utilities | Create Beginning Balances.


April Webinar ScheduleWebinar Screen


Overview of Versions 8.11/10.0, April 4th.
DTN Interface and Hedging, April 11th.

Smart Feeder Reports, April 18th.

LifeCycle Budgeting, April 25th.

To register, e-mail support@fbssystems.com by 9:00 am CST on the day of the webinar.

Bernard Peterson using iPad


 Kentucky Grower Monitors Farm With iPad

His team, the University of Kentucky Wildcats, made the "Final Four" and may well end up on top of NCAA men's basketball this year.  But Bernard Peterson is already staying on top of his farm through a real-time web connection to FBS on his Apple iPad.  That means he can record data and monitor sales, costs, inventories and budgets from a tractor cab, board meetings and even trade shows.

While FBS software is multi-user, it's not (yet) a true web-based application so Peterson uses Microsoft Terminal Services to log onto the Peterson Farms' server.  The iPad's virtual keyboard is adequate for typing, but general navigation through FBS menus and pick lists certainly requires fine motor skills!

Tablet devices like iPads and Androids are starting to overtake laptops as the most convenient and versatile "window to the world."  Are they the next logical step in production agriculture?  Join the tablet computer discussion on our blog. 


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